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Chiropractic Packages

Self pay patients only.  Cannot be combined with insurance

 3 visits  $75 (new patients only)

 3 visits  $120

 5 visits  $175

10 visits  $300

massage therapy.jpg

Massage Packages

Must be used within 6 months of purchase

Maria and Dara only

 3 visits  $180

 6 visits  $330

10 visits  $500

Chart & Stethoscope


Must be used within 1 year of purchase

B12 Shot Packages

6 injections: $60  |  10 Injections $100

Lipotropic Injections

6 injections $100

IV Therapy Package

4 IV therapy Infusions:  $300


Family at a Beach

Single Service

See below for 


$75/month for 3 adjustments


$150/month for 3 hour-long massages

Red Light Therapy

$50/month for unlimited sessions

Family at a Beach


01/19 - 01/23

Chiropractic & Massage

$125/month for 3 adjustments and 1 hour-long massage

Massage & Red Light Therapy

$125 for 2 hour-long massages and unlimited red light visits

All Services

$200/month for 3 adjustments, 2 hour-long massages and unlimited red light visits

What’s the benefit of a wellness membership? 
Our wellness memberships offer chiropractic, massage, and red light services to help keep you in optimal health throughout the year. These services are offered at a substantial discount compared to our per-visit fees and are even less than many insurance co-pay amounts.

Is there a minimum commitment? Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, there is a three-month minimum required for all levels of memberships. Your credit card will be billed on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel the membership. You must provide 30 days notice prior to your billing date to cancel.  

What other restrictions apply?
All memberships are for a single individual and cannot be split or shared with anyone else. Wellness memberships are for self-pay services only; they cannot be combined with insurance and chiropractic care under a membership cannot be applied to Medicare. 

What if I can’t make an appointment or don’t use all my visits one month? 
You may cancel an appointment with 24 hours notice. All no shows or visits that are not canceled 24 hours prior will count as a visit for the month. Unused visits do not roll over from one month to the next. 

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