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Avoid Text Neck!

In our technological society, computers make our lives easier and more convenient. However, they can have a nasty side effect - a condition called text neck. Almost everyone I see in my office has a walnut sized knot located where the neck meets the shoulder, or the upper trapezius muscle. I see it mostly in people who sit at a desk for long periods or who spend a lot of time looking at electronic devices. In my opinion, with the popularity of texting, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices, I think the problem is getting worse. At least when we had monitors, the posture wasn't quite so bad as having the device in your hands or in your lap.

This causes us to look straight down most of the time, putting excessive strain on the lower part of the neck. It also causes a strain on the small muscles at the base of the skull. I'm betting if you placed some slight fingertip pressure at the base of your skull right now, it would feel a little tender. These muscles may be small, but they have a higher concentration of nerve endings than any other muscles in the body, meaning that they can really cause us problems when they get irritated. They are a major culprit in tension headaches, and can even be a contributing factor in triggering a migraine headache. After years of this repetitive poor posture, we can develop arthritis and chronic stiffness in the neck, and can even cause the natural curve of the spine to become distorted. This is where I come in...

Along with getting regular adjustments, stretching on a daily basis can prevent major problems later in life. In the diagram attached to this article, you will find 12 great stretches that you can do at your desk. The important thing to remember is to take a frequent breaks throughout the day. Sometimes this can be difficult, if you're working under deadlines, and lose track of time. But with taking a break and stretching out the stiffness, you will not only feel physically refreshed, but mentally as well.

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